Advanced Dentistry

The decision making process underpinning advanced dentistry is guided by determining the best treatment for the desired long term outcome, rather than a short term quick fix.
The services relating to this area of dentistry include implants, dentures and procedures to correct extensively decayed and broken teeth.  They also include remediation of teeth affected by gum disease and multiple medications. Some of these treatments require a sequence of appointments over many months. Complex implant cases for example can take over 12 months, so the co-ordination of these cases is most important*.

Advanced dentistry at the practice is informed by four key strategies.  These are: use of the most modern x-ray technology; bacteriological testing for tooth decay; saliva testing to evaluate natural defence mechanisms; and group discussion amongst partners on complex dental treatment options for patients.  The quality of such group discussions is greatly enhanced by the partners’ vast dentistry experience, their up to date education and active roles at the Sydney University Dental Facility.

Dentists at the practice carefully plan an individual patient’s treatment and then implement procedures appropriate to the patient’s needs. Significantly, the standard of the treatment provided is guaranteed.

The collective expertise of the partners in association with their demonstrated care, compassion and conservative treatment, have gained the practice an enviable reputation within the dental profession.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner

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