Quality Dental Implants near St Ives​

Dentists at Pymble Cosmetic Dentistry Smiling FaceDental implants are an excellent way to replace any number of teeth in your smile. Our team of dentists at Dentists at Pymble are always happy to explain the procedure and benefits of dental implants to our patients. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your dental implants procedure is smooth and successful.

Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants come in a wide array of sizes, heights, and types. This allows your dentist to find the perfect match for your situation so that your dental implant fits perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

The Dental Implant Procedure

First of all, our team will discuss the need for a dental implant with you, just in case there are alternative options that you may prefer. After this appointment, we can schedule a dental scan that will determine your jawbone volume to make sure you have enough to support the implant. We will then design the implant, making sure we get the width, height, and location perfect for your particular needs.

Next, we’ll schedule an appointment for the treatment at a time that suits you. The treatment is relatively quick and painless, and we will insert the implant under your gum and into the jawbone socket. Our dentists use modern techniques that are less invasive and painful than general incision surgery. This process means you’ll feel less pain, and your implant will heal much faster.

Afterward, we’ll provide you with a protocol for rest and recovery while the jawbone heals and attaches firmly to the implant. Once the implant is securely attached to the jawbone, we can attach a crown that matches your lost tooth or teeth. The crown is designed to the best aesthetic standards and is made from high-quality materials. The result? An implant that you won’t even notice.

Need Dental Implant Treatment?

At Dentists at Pymble, we understand that getting a dental implant feels like an intimidating and scary step. That’s why our team will do everything possible to ensure that the process is as pain-free and comfortable as possible since we believe that the results are worth it.

If you’re wondering, ‘Where can I get good dental implants near me?’ the answer is Dentists at Pymble. Feel free to give us a call today or schedule an appointment online to find out what your options are when it comes to dental implants.

Some dental procedures are invasive and irreversible. To ensure you are a good candidate, and to fully understand all of the potential risks and benefits, please make an appointment with one of our experienced clinicians on 02 9488 7555. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks and in some cases a second opinion may be recommended to ensure an optimal outcome.

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