Why Choose Us?

Dentists at Pymble is a highly respected dental practice that opened in 1909 and operates at the cutting edge of modern dentistry. The practice uses a conservative approach to treatment aimed at helping patients keep their teeth for as long as possible.

Dental services are provided by experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering the highest levels of patient care.  Services cover all aspects of general and family dentistry and extend into advanced management techniques including implant rehabilitation. The dental needs of patients from all age groups are catered for including young children.  People with special needs are also accommodated at the practice.

The dentists have significant experience across all aspects of modern dentistry. They have undertaken post-graduate education qualifications from Australian universities as well as overseas institutions. State-of-the-art techniques are incorporated into the services they provide and are based on current research evidence.  They also provide expert, honest and unbiased opinions on dental management options to assist patients make informed treatment decisions.

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