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Caring for families since 1909

Dentists at Pymble offers patients advanced dental care delivered by a team of highly experienced professionals.

The dentists combine extensive clinical experience with cutting-edge technology to ensure all patients receive quality care. Modern dentistry, delivered by friendly experienced professionals is the assurance for patients at Dentists at Pymble.

Childrens Teeth

The Australian Dental Association recommends that children have their first visit to the dentist at 12 months of age. The reasons are for early detection of dental…
General Dental

General Dentistry

General dentistry includes several key areas of treatment:
Preventative dentistry
Restorative dentistry
Gingivitis and periodontal…

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is about enhancing the appearance of people’s teeth and hence smiles.
Lifestyle and health influence the colour changes that occur…
Emergency Dental

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dentistry relates to any dental condition that requires urgent attention. The most common example is acute pain resulting from an infected…

Latest News

Cracking Down on Cracked Teeth

Cracking Down on Cracked Teeth

What you need to know about a crack in a tooth and more… Often when people hear the term ‘cracked tooth’, they paint an image in their head of what this may look like.  However, a cracked tooth isn’t always as straight forward as it sounds.  It is actually quite a...

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Occlusal Splints

Occlusal Splints

What you need to know before you get one. PLUS… your frequently asked splint questions answered! If you are someone who clenches or grinds their teeth at night while sleeping, or if you experience temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) or pain in jaw joints, then your...

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Saliva and Why Moisture Matters in the Mouth

Saliva and Why Moisture Matters in the Mouth

Have you ever considered what your mouth would feel like without saliva?  Just imagine for a moment how dry your mouth would feel... How would you talk? How would you eat? How would you swallow your food? How would your teeth protect themselves against dental decay?...

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