Every parent thinks differently about taking a child to the dentist for the first time. Some dentists might have a divided opinion, but everyone agrees that taking your kid at an early age is essential. It is quite unfortunate that most children cannot visit a dentist regularly, and therefore, their cavities remain untreated.

One cannot stress the importance of taking a child to the dentist, but many parents would like to know the right age to go to the children’s dentistry for the first time. Let’s explore the youngest age to visit a dentist, its benefits and the frequency of the visits.

At What Age, Your Child Should Go to the Dentist?

It is recommended that a child as young as six months can see a pediatric dentist, whereas parents can take their child as soon as the first tooth appears. Child oral care is something that many parents tend to ignore. If you can identify and correct any congenital abnormalities, it can be of great advantage to your child.

The concept of children’s dentistry is mainly overlooked, but parents must realise that pediatric dentists can answer their questions about the oral issues of their child. Besides, such a place is suitable for an impatient child who needs stimulation.

Why is it Beneficial to Take Your Child Early on to the dentist?

  • It Helps in Detecting Oral Conditions Earlier

One of the main reasons you should take your child to the dentist early is that the baby can catch oral problems early. The dentist checks the gums, teeth, bite and jawbone for abnormalities, so breathing, speaking and chewing are no problem.

  • Your Child Learns Good Oral Habits

If you want your child to learn good oral habits, nothing is better than children’s dentistry. They have experts who teach the kid how to brush and floss. They take their time to keep the patients well-informed; therefore, the child starts feeling confident when seeing the dentist.

  • It is Excellent for Relationship Building

When the child visits the dental clinic at a young age, it establishes a relationship between him and the staff. So, the child feels comfortable in the environment, as everything is done in a gentle, calm and fun manner. The first visit helps set a tone for how a child perceives dental appointments, which can be carried to adulthood.

What Should be the Frequency of the Pediatric Dental Visits?

The frequency of dental checkups for the child should generally be six months. Just like adults, children must visit the dentist twice yearly if their parents want to maintain good oral health. Over time, the child will become more familiar with what happens during the visit to the dentist.

Another great advantage of a dental appointment is that the child starts to know the team much better with each subsequent visit. When a schedule of visits is set for the child, it lowers any risk of tooth decay during the checkups, a child gets a balanced diet and learns good oral habits.

Children’s Dental Care in Dentists at Pymble

There is no doubt that regular dental visits are essential for children at a young age. Dentists at Pymble is an expert in treating children and is there to enforce excellent oral health habits to the young. Through our fun, professional and relaxing demeanour, we will ensure your child gets rid of lifetime dental problems through good oral habits at a very young age.

Call us or schedule an appointment with our Children’s Dentistry Department, and our friendly staff will welcome you to the clinic!

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